Mediterranean Music Cruise

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Join us for a musical cruise around the Mediterranean as we play soothing melodies from countries such as Greece, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco.

EnG-header-1.jpg Relax as the sounds flow over you, transporting you to far away lands, where these age old melodies were handed down from generation to generation.   This show features beautiful folk music played on acoustic instruments such as the Sandouri, (Greek/ Jewish Hammered dulcimer), clarinet, flute, guitar and defi (tambourine), as well as vocals sung in Greek, Turkish and Hebrew.


We believe strongly in the many benefits that music can bring to people of all ages. 

 The stimulating rhythms and melodies of Mediterranean music engage the mind and body in a positive energy that endures long after the performance ends.

Here are just a few of the many documented benefits of music:

  • Stress reduction -Listening to music has been found to help people deal with stress and anxiety by slowing high heart rates and reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In music therapy programs, therapists may use songs with certain rhythms, themes, or lyrics to help people relax and reduce stress.
  • Inspire movement – Playing music can motivate people to get moving, whether it’s by dancing, clapping, or even tapping their toes.
  • Increase social activity – Music brings people together, increases communication and stimulates conversation.
  • Rhythm stimulates brain activity – Music with a strong beat stimulates the brain and ultimately causes brainwaves to resonate in time with the rhythm, research has shown.

Our repertoire includes a wide variety of vocal and instrumental tunes, old and new, ranging from traditional folk dances to popular songs.

We share short anecdotes about the music and instruments, engage conversation, and tell stories of our personal travels to these regions.  We happily answer questions and chat with the audience during and after the performance.


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