The World’s Oldest Instruments: Drums and Flutes! Show for Kids

Drums and flutes are known to be among the oldest instruments in the world, and are part of every culture.   “The World’s Oldest Instruments: Drums and Flutes” is an interactive presentation demonstrating how these instruments have evolved over time and showing how different cultures have adapted them to their unique style. Participants will hear the sounds of these instruments along with explanations and stories about their part in the folklore of many different civilizations.   A corresponding slide show shows early depictions of these instruments in art, and pictures from around the world of people playing them.

Learn how these instruments make sound and what they all have in common, then see and hear how each of these drums and flutes is unique and different from each other.

We bring over 20 different kinds of drums and flutes from all over the world.  Kids will have a unique “Show and Tell” experience with how these instruments look and sound, including a “Hands On” segment where they will learn to clap simple rhythms and play on hand drums.

We are passionate about getting kids interested in music and we love the looks of awe and wonder on their faces when we show something they have never seen before.    We know the benefits of music on the young mind and we believe that this presentation can serve to generate an enthusiasm towards music in young children.

Here are some of the many documented benefits of music:

  • Music helps focus attention.  In today’s multimedia world, staying focused can be difficult.  Listening to music or playing an instrument can help develop concentration skills.
  • Music helps develop sequential learning skills.  The step by step process of learning an instrument is also essential in reading, writing and many other skills.
  • Music helps develop social skills.   Playing music with others is a fun social activity that teaches cooperation, listening, and group thinking.
  • Music helps develop mind/body coordination.  Playing an instrument teaches the mind to coordinate movements in the body.
  • Music is fun!   While some subjects like math and geography are not always thought of as “Fun”, music is just as much a playful activity as it is a discipline.

“The World’s oldest instruments: Drums and Flutes” is great way to generate an interest in music.

Children seem to be fascinated by ancient phenomenon.  Whether its dinosaurs,  Pharos, or Greek myths,  things that existed so long ago seem to attract them.  This demonstration of the world’s oldest instruments will show them how far back into the ancient past our human history has gone, and how long we have been inspired to make music.  The instruments will narrate the story of mankind’s musical journey, from the ancient past to the present.

Instrument in this presentation:

  • Djembe, West African drum
  • Darbuka, Middle Eastern drum
  • Bendir, North African framd drum
  • Dholak, Indian drum
  • Riq, Middle Eastern tambourine
  • Defi, Greek tambourin
  • Mazhar, Egyptian tambourine
  • Bongos, Latin american drums
  • Tbilat, Moroccan drum
  • Flower drum, Chinese drum
  • Bodran, Irish frame drum
  • Jade Flute, Chinese flute
  • Ney, Middle Eastern flute
  • Quena, Peruvian flute
  • Floyera, Greek flute
  • Modern Flute
  • Siku, Pan flutes
  • Slide whistle
  • Tin Whistle
  • Bamboo Bass flute
  • Kaval,  Balkan folk flute



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